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Earning with Instajet

Do you work with or for HNWIs and business executive who fly privately? We are looking for individuals that want to add to their earnings by introducing business to Instajet, throughout the US and Europe.

You may be an executive assistant, a chauffeur, a pilot, a personal chef, a yacht captain, a concierge… anyone who has established business or personal relationships with individuals or corporations that use private jet services. 

Whether you want to add Instajet alongside your existing business or make it your fulltime job, it’s entirely up to you. There are three ways in which Instajet makes private flying easy, and you can earn from any or all of them.

  • Earn with the app and QR code referrals 

  • Earn from Route Card subscription memberships

  • Earn from direct introductions / contact registrations

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Earning with the app

You can get started instantly with our app:

  • Download the app on your phone

  • Register as a Referrer and  receive your personal QR code

  • Share your QR code with your contacts so they can download the app and make flight reservations: when they do, you earn every time they fly

  • Or use the app yourself to find flights for your clients and we will collect payment and fulfil the flight on your behalf for your client: in this instance you will be responsible for pre- and post-flight customer service to be sure of client satisfaction and repeat business


Every passenger who registers with Instajet will be uniquely linked to you via the use of your QR code, and you earn when they fly. As soon as a passenger has taken their flight, you get paid USD $1000. It’s that simple.

Earning with the Route Card

We also have our Route Card subscription, which provides members with preferential pricing for a number of fixed city pair private jet routes. These are unbeatable prices in the industry for each aircraft category type. You earn USD $1000 commission every time one of your contacts purchases an annual Route Card subscription, or USD $100 per month if they choose to pay via monthly subscription.

Earning with direct introductions

Your contacts can also book flights directly with us, liaising with an Instajet Personal Flight Manager, and as long as you’ve registered them with us then their account will be linked to you, so you earn USD $1000 every time they take a flight. Only one referrer can register a contact, so you need to make sure you register details with us promptly.

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Getting earning

You can download the app, register as a Referrer and get referring and earning straightaway on a personal basis, sharing your QR code via email, personal messages, social media or any printed materials you have. Plus, talk to our team about how you can more formally represent Instajet in the market and earn through Route Card subscription sales and direct introductions. An Instajet Personal Flight Manager takes care of the fulfilment of every flight for our passengers, and as a Referrer you are not responsible for sourcing aircraft and operators. There is zero risk or investment required from you. You simply earn from recommendations and introductions you make within your network of contacts.

Our support to you

Our team of qualified aviation professionals is available to help you, whether it’s getting you up to speed on the world of private aviation or how to best represent Instajet in the market, answering customer questions, nurturing leads and providing people with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.