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At Instajet, we believe there's a better way to fly.

Private aviation should be accessible, and in a transparent way. We have set out to do exactly that: with our app, our Route Card, and our team of Experienced Flight Managers.

Our unique, secure payments solution also gives you full financial protection and control of your payments for peace of mind when you book your flight with Instajet.

Redefining private aviation, one flight at a time...

The Instajet App

You can use the Instajet app to find flights globally. Freely browse the route and time you need and view the available aircraft categories and pricing. Find the flight you want, let us know you're interested via a single button push, and one of our Personal Flight Managers will guide you through the rest of the process.

See more about the different categories of aircraft on our aircraft page.


By using our app there's no commitment to immediately purchase a flight. The app never takes flight payments: it just makes it easy to find the options that meet your needs. Download the app to your phone for free from your preferred app store today. With the app, you can fly to and from anywhere in the world. The app is complemented by our Route Card which provides fixed, preferential pricing for your regular city pair routes.

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Scan the QR code with your phone to download the Instajet app

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The Instajet Route Card

Access guaranteed low prices every day on the most popular private jet routes when you subscribe to the Instajet Route Card.


Save up to 30% per flight compared to jet card or on-demand flight prices.


City-pair routes are available across the USA and Europe with a choice of up to 6 aircraft cabin sizes.

Find out more here

to get your Route Card subscription or ask us a question

Each flight is operated by one of our contracted operators, who focus on the Route Card core 'city pair' routes, enabling us to provide the industry's best pricing to you. And your Instajet Personal Flight Manager makes sure every flight is fulfilled to the standards you expect. Our Route Card subscription comprises more than 300 route and aircraft combinations. With no blackout dates, no large fund deposits and no limits on the number of flights you can take, it is perfect for business and leisure travel alike.

Talk to us

We understand that the world of private aviation can be confusing, whether you are a seasoned traveller or choosing to fly private for the first time.

Why not schedule a quick, no obligation, call with one of our team of Personal Flight Managers? They will be able to discuss with you:

  • The various private aviation options available

  • When our Route Card makes sense for you

  • How our app is used for on-demand flights

  • When to use your jet card if you have one

  • ... and much more

By the end of our chat, you will know what private aviation options are available to you, what's likely to be the best approach for your individual travel requirements, and get answers to all your questions.

Just use the calendar here to schedule a day and time that works for you, and feel free to put any questions you have in the comments section. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Whatever you need in private aviation, Instajet plays a part:
  • We fulfil private jet flight requirements, globally, always prioritising the passenger

  • Use our on-demand flights App and Route Card subscription for you, your team and your clients

  • Add our tools to your travel support services and easily generate additional revenues

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If you frequently fly the same core routes between cities supported by our Route Card operators, then that subscription provides you with the best possible pricing for those routes. If you have a broad range of flight requirements globally, then our app enables you to search for your on-demand flights: just enter your route and time, select from a shortlist of aircraft sizes, from very light to large, and let your Instajet Personal Flight Manager do the rest. Whether you use the Route Card, the app, or combine both, every flight you take with an Instajet operator comes with FCA unlimited Escrow financial protection.

Travel / Lifestyle / Corporate

If you regularly fulfil travel requirements for clients in the hospitality and travel world, you can easily add flights to your packages with a Hospitality Route Card, with popular skiing destinations included in our Winter seasonal routes. Or simply use the Instajet app to find flights for your visitors from other destinations. If you work in the travel department of a large corporation, then please ask us about our Route Card corporate subscription rates so everyone in your company can benefit from the industry's best pricing!

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FBOs / Operators / Brokers
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With our app, you can instantly find the best flights to and from anywhere in the world. As an FBO, passengers trust you to provide a range of pre- and post-flight services, so why not add flight bookings to your offering? Instajet is your back office for charter services, fulfilling every flight from our community of operators, and you earn USD $1000 for every flight you book with us, with no day-to-day overhead. You can also rebrand the app in your corporate style for use throughout your company. If you are a private jet operator, you can use the Instajet app to fulfil any flights you are unable to: become a global virtual operator for your clients. For Brokers, our Route Card broker pricing gives you instant access to our multi-operator network across our fixed city pair routes, enabling you to provide those flights to your clients without having to search the marketplace for flights.

We are seeking sales representatives globally: find out more here!
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We plant a silver maple tree for every flight taken, as part of our contribution towards carbon offsetting.